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Daytime Sleepiness? Give These Yoga Poses A Try

Working late at night or checking your phone at bedtime comes at a cost. You either suffer from anxiety, stress, or lack of sleep. Now, a lack of sleep has serious repercussions for you. Poor sleep quality is the culprit behind road accidents or serious job-related risks.

In such a situation many get on prescriptions. Some dive into alcohol or other harmful substances to get back that lost sleep. Both options are short-term solutions with long-term side effects.

What if you could sleep every night without having to toss and turn? There is a holistic and natural way for you to enjoy deep sleep every night.

Yoga – The Secret of Deep Sleep

Yoga is not a 20th century invention. It has been a part of various cultures for thousands of years. This ancient art was brought into the limelight with the contribution of many yoga gurus from around the world. There is no doubt that yoga for Insomnia is a real thing.

Yes! Yoga can help you get back that lost sleep without need for any medication.

Let us check out how yoga can help you sleep at night.

Benefits of Yoga for Deep Sleep

Given below are some major benefits of yoga that help you sleep at night.

1. Improves Sleep Quality

Daily yoga practice improves your sleep patterns. It does so by regulating the level of Diurnal Cortisol within your body. In the long run this helps you sleep at night without any hassle.

2. Cures Insomnia

Irregular sleeping patterns give rise to the problem of Insomnia. If left untreated it has a negative impact on your level of productivity and quality of life. This is where yoga steps into the picture.

There are many studies to prove that daily practice of yoga can treat Chronic Insomnia. This is why making yoga meditation for sleep a part of your daily life is a good idea.

3. Relieves Stress

Longer working hours do have an impact on your mental and physical health. Ignoring this causes you to experience stress and impacts sleeping pattern. There are many yoga asanas that can help you get rid of unnecessary stress and sleep like a baby.

To exprience these benefits you have to practice the right yoga asanas.

Yoga Asanas for Deep Sleep

Given below are 3 yoga asanas to help you get back that lost sleep.

1. Wide-Knee Child’s Pose

If you have a desk job then practice the Wide-Knee Child’s pose. This is a gentle yoga asana that gives your lumbar spine and hip flexors a good stretch. Child’s pose stimulates the Heart chakra and rids you of negative emotions.

Daily practice of this yoga asana reduces mental and emotional burden. This is what makes the Child’s pose an excellent yoga for Insomnia exercise.

Steps to Practice

  • Kneel on the floor. Keep both toes back.

  • Position your buttocks on top of the ankles.

  • Keep both knees wider than the hips.

  • Bend forward. Stretch both arms and walk your hands forward.

  • Touch your forehead to the floor. Breath gently.

  • Hold this position for 5 deep breaths.

2. Standing Half Forward Bend

It is a modified version of the Standing Forward Bend. If you find the Standing Forward Bend a bit difficult then do this yoga asana. This yoga asana relaxes your hips, back, psoas, neck, and chest muscles.

Steps to Practice

  • Stand on the yoga mat. Keep both legs firm and feet hip-width apart.

  • Inhale. Raise your arms overhead.

  • Exhale. Bend forward and extend your arms straight.

  • Bend forward till your arms reach the level of the hips. Keep your back straight.

  • In the final form your torso and legs should form a 90 degree angle.

3. Corpse Pose

Without the Corpse pose every yoga practice will remain incomplete. The good news is that you can practice this yoga for Insomnia asana even while lying on the bed.

Steps to Practice

  • Lie down on your back on the floor/bed.

  • Keep both legs straight. Keep both arms by your body’s side.

  • Keep both palms facing upwards.

  • Take a slow and gentle breathe.

  • Relax your body, from your toes to the crown of the head.

  • Exhale. Let go of all mental and physical stress.

  • Focus on breathing. Hold this pose for 10 minutes.


Want to get rid of daytime sleepiness? Make these yoga for Insomnia the part of your daily routine. Join a certified yoga school to learn how yoga can help you sleep again.


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